‘Jersey Boys’ Hit of the Seasons

November 7, 2005 Maybe I should start by listing all the “jukebox musicals” I’ve panned – starting with the dreadful pacesetter, “Mamma Mia!” – just so you don’t think I’m a pushover. But there’s no point in...

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‘Boys’ Hits Right Notes in Homage to Valli

November 6, 2005 Two types of jukebox musicals have lured Broadway producers in recent years. The first, represented by the enduring hit Mamma Mia! and the mercifully short-lived Good Vibrations and All Shook Up, seeks to attract aging rock fans by simply reproducing...

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A Capitalist’s Golden Touch

June 7, 2004 ENTREPRENEUR MARC BELL’S AGILITY HELPED HIM BECOME A MILLIONAIRE. Marc Bell isn’t sure about having his photo taken with his collection of old video arcade games jumbled in a room in his Boca Raton office. It’s not a very executive...

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Hardcore Investing

June, 2004 Asking Marc Bell about his recent move to acquire controlling interest in Penthouse magazine is like asking him what he had for dinner two weeks ago Tuesday. It’s just another deal for this 36-year-old South Florida financier. But what a deal. Read...

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Top Cats: 25 Players Shaping Silicon Alley

November 24, 1997 Marc Bell looked out over the vast field of small companies that provide Internet service and figured that he could be different. He turned out to be right. Mr. Bell has made his company, Bell Technology Group Ltd., into a specialist in providing...

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